Alexandra, Rosario


It was cold up there, at the top of the cliff. It was cold and the wind was so strong it almost knocked us sideways when we were climbing up. We stood at the top and shivered and looked for level ground. Her teeth were chattering, but she took off her jacket, anyway. She took off her shoes and socks, anyway, and hobbled barefoot over the rocks to stand at the edge of the cliff. She took a deep breath. And then she started dancing and both of us forgot about the cold and the wind because we were suddenly in a new place: a place of grace and beauty that she created with her courage. I was kneeling in the dirt to take pictures, rocks digging into my knees, and all I could think was, I'm so happy I get to be here. I'm so happy I get to witness this grace, and this courage. 



"I dance because dancing, more than anything else, has the ability to transform wherever I am into a home."



"What I have is me and my container, and my ability to move with it and through it, and the context of everything else isn’t very important."



"As soon as I start dancing, suddenly, I’m not in a foreign space. "



"I believe that our bodies are really smart: there are things that our bodies know that the rest of us doesn’t know as well, and doesn’t know as consciously. Dancing is very important to me because those things are very important, and when I dance I can know them a little bit better."



"I believe that our bodies hold emotion, that they can hold trauma. They can also hold really beautiful things. They hold complications. I can feel invincible and massively strong, I can also feel very fragile and human."



"When I’m dancing, I’m really being honest with myself. I don’t have any choice but to be."



"It’s about worthiness. It’s about trust. It’s about abundance."



"I'm trying to craft my life in a way that honors the fact that there are things that I have to say and share with the world, and it’s okay to take the time to share them."



"I’m leaving a stable, relatively well-paying job that I knew was going to cover my bills, but was draining life and energy and emotion out of me."



"I’m going to do something scarier, less stable, more precarious, and trust that it will be bountiful, in order to prioritize filling myself up, and letting that exist strongly in the world."



"I just left my job two weeks ago. I feel like I’m re-personing right now. On a grand scale."



"I feel so good. I wrote in my journal the other day: I just want to say that I am so grateful and so content and so filled with the truth that I can barely take it.



I knew that I would feel good, I couldn’t have known how good. I had a suspicion that I was being stifled, I couldn’t have known how dramatically.



Here I am, emerging, becoming, sinking—no, plunging—ecstatically (with three exclamation points!!!)—into myself. Hello, have we met? My name is Alexandra. I am a creature of love and truth. I am so glad to meet you.



I am alive: gloriously so.



Not that I never was before, but never this much: never quite like this.



If I’m honest, it feels like being in love: with myself, with life, I’m not sure; or, I know it’s not simple, and I also know: it’s grand."


Danielle ShullComment