June 9

When I was eight and we lived in a house with a red roof in the middle of the woods in Alaska, I used to pretend I was a queen and I would take my army everywhere saving whole imaginary countries from monsters and dragons and giants (I let the dog tag along). 

One time three older girls found me wandering around the field behind the church and they started making fun of my clothes (I was wearing jeans under my dress, and sneakers). 

They asked me why did I always play by myself and why was I so weird, and I just stood there and laughed at them, and they made fun of that, too, but inside I was thinking, 

"You think I'm out here all by myself, but really I have an army with me, and if I asked them to, they'd stuff dandelions up your noses and tie your shoelaces all together so you could only walk around in circles, and if I wanted to, I could order them to leave you in this muddy field for a week. But I feel kind of sorry for you, so I'm going to let you go. This time."

Danielle ShullComment