Emily & Andrew | Whidbey Island, Washington

It started raining mid-morning, and then a thunderstorm rolled in, and everyone crowded into the barn to wait it out.

Emily and I kept telling each other, “It’s going to stop before the ceremony. The storm will pass. We believe it.” (It was Emily’s dream to get married outside, with the bay in the background).

The rain kept coming. People started moving chairs into the barn, and I started thinking about how I could use the window light for photos.

And then it stopped.

The rain stopped right before the ceremony, and everyone pitched in to move the chairs and rose petals and candles back outside, and just as Emily walked down the aisle, the sun came out (I’ll never forget that moment: there were birds spiraling and singing in the deep blue sky, and the grass sparkled. The sea shone).

Danielle Shull2 Comments