Thea & Jordan | Queen Anne, Seattle

In Thea’s very first email, she said “My fiancée and I decided the hell with a long engagement and decided to move our wedding up almost a year - keeping it small and intimate!” When I read that I thought, “Oh, yeah. These are my people. I can already tell.” As fast as my little fingers could type, I replied, “You sound like my kind of folks.”

We went to Bainbridge Island for engagement photos and when we got there, it started raining. We said we’d wait it out and we sat in the car for an hour while the rain drummed on the roof, talking about weddings and families and homes, what job we’d want if we could do anything, and where we’d live if we could live anywhere. Turns out we parked under a rain cloud: the rain never stopped. So we piled out of the car and ran around the beach in the rain and I snapped photos as fast as I could, and when we were all so drenched we were practically swimming, we slogged back to the car and drove into town for a hot supper.

Thea and Jordan are the kind of clients who feel like friends right away. They’re the kind of clients who remind why I wanted to be a wedding photographer in the first place. This is what I remember:

Somewhere in the middle of the ceremony, when Thea and Jordan were whispering their vows to each other, I put my camera down for a few heartbeats and let all the happiness of that moment soak in. The orange leaves rustling overhead and crackling underfoot, the smooth blue sky, the shining water. The geese that flew over our heads, every wing-beat a blessing. The guy who walked his dog past the wedding and smiled so big his whole face lit up like sunshine (isn’t it amazing how happiness can spread?) I thought, “My dear friends Thea and Jordan are getting married!” I thought, “I’m so happy to be here.”

Danielle ShullComment