Kind Words



"Danielle is an absolute dream to work with and I can't recommend her enough. Her images alone read like poetry. She has a way of finding ethereal qualities in people, capturing portraits in a way that reflect her subjects with sincerity and beauty. Her photographs make you feel like she really wants to find the essence of her subject, to really understand them in a way that feels truthful and candid.

Danielle has a way of putting anyone in front of her camera perfectly at ease. I was nervous the first time she photographed me, but that faded within seconds when our session felt like going for a walk with a dear friend I've known for years. She made it feel so casual, easy, and fun that I almost felt unaware of being photographed. And when I saw the photos for the first time, I couldn't help but think, "these feel like me."

Hire her. Let her take you up a mountain or photograph you in a mossy forest. You'll smile a lot and it'll be genuine and when you get the photos back, you'll be amazed that you could look so happy."


- Vera P.

Jacqueline + Cody-126.jpg

"Danielle is deeply kind and incredibly personable. Shooting with her feels like adventuring with a friend more than anything (and this from someone who doesn’t love being in front of a camera). To my and my husband’s delight, she wasn’t interested in canned, cliche shots, either. No awkward cues or corny posing. Ultimately, we chose to work with Danielle because her art is unique—it tells the truest stories and tells them well. We love our pictures and would happily recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a talented and unconventional photographer."

- Jacqueline L.

"Danielle is the kindest person you will ever meet. Her whimsical and fun loving nature is reflected in her georgeous and magical photos. I have worked with Danielle on two photo projects so far, and plan to work with her any time I need photos in the future. I have been thrilled with all of her work. She has such a unique ability to capture and document beauty."


- Ellie P.